JTLSolar offers one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria today. New members joining the program are called distributors and are placed in a 3×3 forced matrix that allows members to get 24/7 solar powered Lithium Battery Pack and earn a residual income plus other bonus incentives.


(1) Instant Registration Bonus – 20%.

(2) Instant Direct Referral Bonus – 10%.

(3) Instant Direct/Indirect Bonus from 39 downlines – 5% each

(4) Level 1 completion of 3 downlines speed Bonus – 4% of Package Product Cost

(5) Level 2 completion of 9 downlines speed Bonus – 4% of Package Product Cost

(6) Level 3 completion of 27 downlines speed Bonus – 4% of Package Product Cost

(7) Step Out Bonus – 50% of registration Amount

(8) Bonus incentives- Solar Fan to Solar Freezer Depends on Package subscribed

(9) Main Incentive – Solar Powered Lithium Battery Pack (5-10years Lifespan), Inverter and Solar Panels; based on   package subscribed

(10) PV (Point Value) = Referrals

1 100 Referral Solar Fan
2 150 Ref 22” DC TV
3 200 Ref 22” DC TV and Solar Fan
4 500 Ref DC Fridge 130 Liters
5 1000 Ref Inverter AC 1 HP
6 5000 Ref A Car Worth 1.2M
7 8000 Ref A Car Worth 2M
8 10,000 Ref New Car Worth 2.5M
9 15,000 Ref New Car worth 4M + Dubai Trip Fund N500k
10 20,000 Ref Business Trip to Germany/China or Brand New Car Worth 5Million plus          JTL5120wh Solar Power or Cash Price



Registration is at six (8) different categories shown below with their various cost;


Ref PLAN NAME/CATEGORIES Registration Amount Package Cost
1 JTL256wh   (Starter) N5000 N60,000
2 JTL 512wh   ( Basic) N10,000 N100,000
3 JTL 768wh   (Bronze) N20,000 N200,000
4 JTL 1280wh   (Silver) N30,000 N300,000
5 JTL 1920wh   (Gold) N40,000 N400,000
6 JTL 2560wh   (Diamond) N50,000 N500,000
7 JTL 5120wh   (Platinum) N100,000 N1,000,000
8 JTL10240 (Executive Platinum) N200,000 N2,000,000





The System Is A 3 X 3 Forced Matrix


1. Maximum of 3 legs


2. No time frame (no pressure)


3. Pure business SYSTEM with No balancing of Legs you earn


4. No restriction to number of persons to sponsor directly


5. True Residual Income


6. You can earn even without REFERRING through spillover


7. Daily and weekly earning system

8. Upgrade anytime to a higher package System


9. POINT VALUE from Referrals, which can earn you a car and lots of incentive


10. No monthly Subscriptions


11. Weekly bonus payment {Green Thursday}


12. Grow at your own pace


13. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points through Referrals


14. Car Fund promo award every year


15. All expense paid luxury Vacations abroad yearly.


16.  7-14 Working days to pick your JTL Smart Solar product.