Heavy Duty PowerBanks

  • Laptop Powerbank 256wh

    Original price was: ₦120,000.00.Current price is: ₦110,000.00. VAT

    Laptop PowerBank 256wh Joshnka Laptop Powerbank is a high capacity powerbank of 80,000mAH 12.8v Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Built with high-quality rechargeable batteries of 2500 cycles ie 7-years lifespan. This is a unique battery indeed that can power/charge your laptop for a minimum of 6hrs and up to 12hrs depending on your laptop power consumption “wattage”.

  • 256WH Smart Power Bank with 500watts inverter

    Original price was: ₦150,000.00.Current price is: ₦140,000.00. VAT

    Appliances it can carry; Laptop, Phones, 2 DC Light Bulbs, 22”TV, Dc Fans, Radios, Decoder etc Specifications: 256Wh JTL Smart Solar Unit

  • 768WH Smart PowerBank with 1000va inverter

    Original price was: ₦350,000.00.Current price is: ₦330,000.00. VAT

    New model 768WH Lithium-iron phosphate all-in-one solar generator. 1000 watts modified inverter, additional 2*12vdc port.

    Charging Adapter.


  • 512WH Smart PowerBank and 500w inverter

    Original price was: ₦270,000.00.Current price is: ₦250,000.00.

    Joshnka 512WH Can power your Laptop, Power your 32 inches LED Tv and decoder for 6hrs. Powers your 4 energy-saving bulbs, Powers your standing fan for 10hrs can power 100watts load for 6hrs

    Battery type – LiPO (512WH) Capacity : 512WH.

    Inverter: 1000 watts DC to AC Converter

    DC output: 12v for other dc appliances

    Charger input: 14vdc to 17.5vdc

    2 YEARS WARRANTY PERIOD on Battery Pack

  • 1280WH Powerbank + 2000VA Modified INVERTER

    Original price was: ₦480,000.00.Current price is: ₦440,000.00. VAT

    1280WH  and 2000watts modified Inverter. This can power your TV, Decoder, DVD and standing Fan and  lights for up to 10hrs hours. This is a good option for homes, Small Sitting room and bedroom

    Packages Include

    1. 1280WH  Powerbank

    2.2000w modified sine wave inverter

    3. Charging adapter

    4. Manual

    2 YEARS Warranty PERIOD



    Original price was: ₦580,000.00.Current price is: ₦550,000.00.

    This package include JTL 444wh Capacity Lithium battery powerbank 500watts inverter 4x 12v 5watts DC bulbs 1 x AC charger 100watts solar panel (mono) 24″ DC Television 16″ Rechargeable Fan 1 x extra DC cable for decoder. 1 full year warranty on the battery pack 5years lifespan. Can last 12hours after full charge And 24hrs hours on full sunny day.